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13 June 2024

Partnering with Level Water

SafelySwim’s goal is to ensure learners are provided with the very best...

25 May 2024

Drowning Prevention Week

15th - 22nd of June 2024

20 December 2023

Pricing Adjustment Starting From January 2024

In our commitment to providing the best Learn to Swim experience in...

19 December 2023

Private Lesson Cancellation Policy

Over the past 18 months, we’ve been hard at work refining our...

30 October 2023

When Is The Right Time To Stop Swimming Lessons?

A swimmer should aim to confidently swim lengths of the pool with...

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16 June 2023

Crash Courses? What Are They?

We operate Crash Courses throughout selected half-terms and school holidays, these are...

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11 May 2023

Assessment Week Details

Since the very beginning, our assessment weeks have become an incredibly valuable...

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08 March 2023

Top Tips for Parents

To help support the learning within our lessons, we have created some...

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09 February 2023

60 Month Report

It has been a long 5 years and we have helped so...

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08 December 2022

Get Started At Home

Since Covid-19 back in 2020, our waiting list has been growing to...

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09 November 2022

Adding Stage 6 & 7

We are experiencing amazing progress from our swimmers throughout our lessons. So...

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03 November 2022

Baby & Toddler Feedback

At SafelySwim we are striving to continue delivering outstanding lessons for all...

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13 October 2022

White Cliffs Swimming Club

After about a year of paperwork, checks and countless emails to Swim...

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28 September 2022

Group Lesson Late Payment Procedure

Payment Policy Enforcement

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25 April 2022

Is Swimwear Colour Important?

At SafelySwim we see children arriving in all sorts of swimming shorts...

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18 March 2022

Dover Schools Swimming Gala - Results

On Thursday 10th of March, India, Lee, Ashleigh, and I were lucky...

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16 February 2022

What is Learn to Compete?

Our Learn to Compete sessions are for those wanting to progress in...

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26 January 2022

48 Month Report

Last year was a tough one, however, I am extremely proud that...

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09 August 2021

Water Safety Week

Learning to swim is a vital life skill. Here at SafelySwim we...

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22 July 2021

Elizabeth's Charity Swim

We are super proud to be helping Elizabeth work towards her goal...

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21 May 2021

When Should we Eat After Training?

A lot of people, when thinking about training or working out tend...

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21 March 2021

Privacy Policy Update and how we use Your Data

Transparency is very important to us at SafelySwim. Our customers form a...

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21 March 2021

Privacy Policy Update and how we use Your Data

Transparency is very important to us at SafelySwim. Our customers form a...

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04 February 2021

Those That Have Missed out due to Covid-19

It has now been over a year that Covid-19 has been with...

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08 January 2021

36 Month Report

It’s been 3 years since SafelySwim began and a lot has changed...

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19 September 2020

STT Pricing Update

We are excited to announce that we are introducing a new pricing...

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04 September 2020

Baby & Toddler Classes are here!

We have been working hard behind the scenes and are excited to...

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01 September 2020

Our Next Step is for those in Group Lessons

Over the past month we have slowly restarted some of our sessions,...

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11 May 2020

Our Advice on Open Water Swimming

As of this week, the government’s advice has now changed regarding Covid-19....

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08 January 2020

24 Month Report

It’s been a whole 2 years since SafelySwim first opened its doors...

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30 October 2019

Water Safety Week

During our group lessons, on the week commencing Monday 4th of November,...

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09 October 2019

Our Plan to Help Those in our School Sessions

Since February 2019 we have been supporting the local primary schools and...

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25 September 2019

Keleeces' Experience at SafelySwim

I started working at SafelySwim in October 2018 and have enjoyed every...

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24 July 2019

The Big Butterfly Count

The summer holidays can be a stressful time for most parents trying...

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13 June 2019

18 month report

SafelySwim has now been at The Duke of Yorks Royal Military School...

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30 March 2019

A goodbye note from our Receptionist Robert

As some of you may know, my time at SafelySwim is coming...

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07 March 2019

Why we’re always investing in new equipment and our pool!

At SafelySwim we want every single one of our customers to have...

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27 February 2019

Our next big jump.

Over the past year we have continued to grow and develop our...

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08 January 2019

12 Month Report

SafelySwim at The Duke of Yorks Royal Military School in Dover has...

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19 December 2018

Creating our own Learn to Swim Criteria.

SafelySwim has come so far in one year, we have increased in...

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28 November 2018

Monthly assessments, why we don’t do them on Poolside?

At Safely Swim we have opted to do class assessments during the...

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20 November 2018

Professionals in Teaching, Professionals Online.

As some have noticed, our site has changed dramatically over the past...

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13 November 2018

The Challenges of Stage 1.

Stage 1 is where all non-swimmers start out, this stage introduces the...

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30 October 2018

Jumping In.

Jumping in plays a very important part in our lessons at Safely...

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17 October 2018

My First Mustache Ever.

As my friends and family will know I have never been one...

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05 October 2018

Open Water vs Pool?

For me open water swimming was something that kept me interested in...

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18 September 2018

What does the Government require from School Swimming Lessons?

I have recently noticed some confusion between our group lessons and swimming...

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11 September 2018

SafelySwim is going Green!

As our population grows so does the amount of plastic waste which...

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04 September 2018

Problems with Social Media and Career Progression

For the past two months SafelySwim has been flat out dedicated to...

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29 August 2018

What do you actually gain from swimming regularly?

Everyone has a different reason to participate in physical activity whether it...

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07 August 2018

Noticing a larger interest in Adult Beginner Classes

We already know swimming is one of the most effective ways to...

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05 July 2018

The beginning of appDot

This week we are getting everyone in our ‘Learn to Swim’ programme...

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26 June 2018

My first six months at SafelySwim

In December 2017 Evan came to me with an exciting idea. The...

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05 June 2018

We are not just a SwimSchool

Yes we are a Swim School, and we are all qualified swimming...

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30 May 2018

6 Month Report

I started SafelySwim at The Duke of Yorks in January 2018, after...

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23 April 2018

Why do SafelySwim need a Privacy Policy?

SafelySwim, like most companies operate online and collect enquiry information to contact...

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09 April 2018

Our approach to Video Analysis

SafelySwim works with a lot of competitive swimmers wanting to improve their...

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16 February 2018

Why we are expanding stage 1 into two different classes

Having joined Swim England, we follow their ‘Learn to Swim’ programme. By...

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03 February 2018

Now a Member of Swim England

We are proud to announce that SafelySwim has become a member of...

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12 January 2018

Working with Disabilities

Being Dyslexic and Colour Blind myself I understand how difficult things can...

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03 December 2017

Different Teachers Different Techniques

Not every teacher believes in the same technique, we all have different...

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01 December 2017

Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is an activity that is often overlooked when wanting to lose...

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