31 Jul 2020

Covid-19 Requirements for Attendees

Many things have changed at SafelySwim to keep you and us safe. Below are important changes parents will need to be aware of when visiting us.

Arrive ‘Beach Ready’

Please make sure you arrive with swimming costumes on and ready, changing rooms will be out of use for arriving customers. Leave your dry clothes on the side of the poolside and hop in when your tutor is ready for you.

Arriving on Time

We are trying to keep numbers to a minimum, making sure you arrive 5 minutes before the lesson is important to keep the one way system flowing. If you are at the pool only earlier, please wait outside or in the car.

Face Masks

We are recommending the use of face masks for spectators on poolside and around the facility. There are hand sanitisers on entry and exit of the pool for you to use. Please make sure you adhere to these measures to keep others safe.

Keep Spectators to a Minumum

To minimise the numbers around poolside we are requesting to keep spectators to a minimum. Please try and avoid brining extra siblings and family members with you.


The toilets should be seen as for use in an emergency.

Goggles and Hats

We are unable to supply spare hats and goggles to participants in our sessions. We are also unable to fix issues with any equipment bought with a student, please make sure they are ready and have practiced getting these on and comfy before coming.

Drinks for Parents

We are no longer able to supply drinks to participants and spectators. Please make sure you bring with you a drink in case you require one.

Social Distancing

We want to continue to keep children and tutors as distant as possible. We will be working in the water and on poolside during our sessions, but must remain 1-2 metres away from customers.

We hope you understand the measures we have in place and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.

For more information about remaining Covid Secure, please see the blog below.

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