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Group Lessons

Dive into the perfect solution for regular swimming with our Group Lessons, offering a social, fun, and safe environment.


Our Group sessions are £49.50 for 5 weeks, making it £9.90 per lesson! Initial payment taken online before the lesson, following top-ups are made at Reception, online or Bank Transfer.

Class Sizes

We prioritise individual attention with a maximum ratio of 10 children to one teacher in all our Group Lessons. For Stage 1 classes, where foundational skills are emphasised, an assistant is present, maintaining a ratio of 1:4 with a limit of 8 children per class.

Which Award?

Not sure which awards you can order? Find which Distance Awards you can collect depending on the stage you are currently at! For more, follow the link below.

SafelySwim's Learn to Swim Programme

We have our own structured criteria to deliver the best route to success. We focus on the basics and continue to push those to achieve a 'safe' level in swimming.

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Learn to Swim Awards

Exclusively at SafelySwim to reward great achievements!

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