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Frequently Asked Questions

Asking questions is good! Below are some which have already been answered, we hope this helps!

What makes you different?

SafelySwim is a privately owned swim school, the team is built from individuals who want to offer better than what is avaliable and have a love for the industry and career.

Who teaches the classes?

When you get booked into a class or private lesson you will be informed who you have been assigned to. Should you want to have a spesific tutor, please make sure the individual making your booking knows and can find you a slot with them.

What else can I do to improve my child's swimming ability?

Private lessons are a great way to kick start your child’s swimming ability, especially if you have a holiday or a competition coming up. If you already have classes with SafelySwim and are not reaching the benefits you could request a change of teacher, often children respond differently to different people and personalities. As always our instructors are always happy to help if you have any questions.

Do I have to be on the premises if my child is in a class?

There needs to one parent/guardian present on the premises at all times when the child in their care is taking part in lessons. This is for safety reasons.

Do you offer anything else at SafelySwim?

We don't just offer lessons to those wanting to learn to swim, but also those that want to improve their swimming. There are a range of classes and lesson options to suit everyone, whether that is Adult classes, Competitive lessons or Group Sessions.

How long as SafelySwim been trading?

SafelySwim started in January 2018, with our first group lessons taking place on a Sunday morning. Since then, we have taken on more tutors, created more classes and on different days, school swimming sessions and a wider range of lesson types.