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White Cliffs Swimming Club

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Take Your Marks, GO!

White Cliffs Swimming Club is SafelySwim's solution for those wanting to go and race! Perfect for those wanting to continue their swimming journey to a higher standard.

A Sprinkle of GOLD

The Club is available to those who wish to continue on their development with support of the talented SafelySwim instructors. Following the same values and standards expected at SafelySwim, keeping the team united in one familiar environment.

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Members and Membership

All Swimmers wanting to compete in a Swim England competition will need to be registered to an associated Swimming Club. White Cliffs Swimming Club enables swimmers who progressed through SafelySwim to participate in a gala. To learn more about membership, see the link below.


Which Session Suits You?

Use the table below to figure out which session suits you best. For more details, download the pdf.

All One Team

Creating a friendly, competitive enviroment with its swimmers at the heart is the key to success. Our members and instructors perfectly fit to ensure everyone feels welcome and are able to perform at their best.

Club Championships

Every year, our swimmers take part in an in-house championship to record their personal bests. Those in Learn to Compete and Speed Through Technique will recieve a message about the next upcoming championships.

Equipment Required

All indivduals who participate in Learn to Compete, Speed Through Technique and/or White Cliffs Swimming Club will need their own training kit. For more details about the items you will require, see the link below.