Lee Shepherd

Speed Through Technique

Learn about our Speed Through Technique (STT) sessions that are built for those with a competitive spark. Lee speaks about what the sessions entail, what we focus on and how we achieve the goals that are set for the session.

Our STT session aim to improve not just the strokes, but also teamwork, competition knowledge starts and turns. We also aim to improve teamwork, competition knowledge, starts and turns through the hour session.

We plan sessions through the weaknesses we find with our competitive private lesson students, STT attendees or build a session around a new technical for the industry. Common issues we fund are front crawl and dolphin kick through the strokes and off the starts and turns. SafelySwim has found an improvement directly from the sessions that attend regularly.

Overall, technique is vital for competitive swimmers, makes you faster and efficient. It is better to start early rather than later with technique, the sooner you get it into action the better you will progress and keep the good habits.

Next Step? We are extremely excited to continue this session throughout the year and will be looking at adding other sessions during the week. If you would like to be apart of the sessions, use the ‘sign-up’ link on the navigation to get added to be contacted by a member of the coaching team.

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