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1 Lesson

31.00 *

4 Lessons

118.00 *




30 minutes

Private Lessons

Our Private lessons are a great way for anyone wanting some 1-to-1 help with their swimming or to gain some added water confidence and technique.

The Best 1 to 1

Our Private Lessons are great for those less confident, or those with specific swimming aims. The team have a wide range of experience from channel swimming, competitive swimming, water polo and lifesaving.


We have a selection of options when it comes to Private Lessons. The difference between a teacher holding a Level 1 and Level 2 Qualification is the experience and training they have had in the swimming industry.

Qualified Level 1 Tutor

  • £23.00 per lesson
  • £86.00 block of 4 lessons

  • £26.50 per lesson (1:2)**

Qualified Level 2 Tutor

  • £31.00 per lesson
  • £118.00 block of 4 lessons

  • £34.50 per lesson (1:2)**

*Displayed at Level 2 Tutor price.

**Purchased singularly only.

Cancellation Policy

All the Equipment

We have floats and toys to make lessons fun and engaging for younger swimmers. More developed swimmers have full use of our industry leading equipment; under water cameras, iPads, bungee cords, parachutes, hand paddles and ticktocks.

SafelySwim's Learn to Swim Programme

We have our own structured criteria to deliver the best route to success, we focus on the basics and continue to push those to achieve a 'safe' level in swimming.

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