India Ribbans

Top 5 Tips when Learning to Swim

Want to know how to get started with us? What to bring to your first swimming lessons and what we recommend practicing before attending a swimming lesson? Discover more from India who gives you her five top tips when giving your loved one the opportunity to learn to swim for the first time.

India’s top 5 tips come from her experience when teaching swimming to those learning through her lessons. Main points to take away from this video are;

  • Make swimming fun, go swimming with them before their lesson and show them it can be fun and there is nothing to worry about.
  • Make sure they feel comfortable and get them to try them on in the bath, shower or at the swimming pool. Also make sure their swimming trunks or costume are ready and fit nicely.
  • Make sure you as parents or guardians are supportive and congratulate them with every little achievement, whether that is putting their face in the water or diving in, every small thing they haven’t done before needs congratulating.
  • Keep swimming relaxed, do not add additional pressures to your loved one. You can reward them for good things but refrain from bribing them as normally they won’t do it as the pressure gets too much.
  • Ask for your swim teachers advise; we want to work with you not against you.

One-off Private Lesson

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Before You Start

To learn more about what we recomend doing at home before you start learning to swim, have a read of one of our posts ‘Get Started At Home’.

We hope these pointers help you get started with SafelySwim and we look forward to seeing you soon!