14 Sep 2023

Price Fix 2023

We are all feeling the pinch right now with the cost of living crisis, we are too at SafelySwim. However, to ensure swimmers and young children can continue to learn to swim through this difficult time we are looking at alternatives to cover our increased costs to stay open without raising prices.

Have a read of the things we will be implementing to support our families but also aid SafelySwim and the team members who deliver our amazing lessons.

We hope you can relate to our goals and the reasons why to keep us open.

Stage 1’s

Our aim is to support as many swimmers as we can to become water confident, ideally to reach our recommended level of competency, Stage 5. To learn more about this, keep an eye out on our website for an update.

To cut the waiting time for beginners and help cover the costs we are going to implement a new structure and pool layout for our Stage 1 Group Lessons. This is going to support new swimmers with new available classes and decrease the waiting list for our beginner lessons.

If you are currently on the waiting list for Stage 1, you may receive an email shortly, keep an eye out!


We want to aid our swimmers but also the families who support us by fixing our prices until January 2024. We hope the changes we are going to implement will help SafelySwim cover the increase in costs without causing issues and preventing swimmers from learning an important life skill.

This also includes our popular School Swimming Sessions, Learn to Compete and Speed Through Technique which have been fixed for another full term until 2024.

Badges & Awards

The awards we offer are competitively priced and, in most cases, cheaper by 20-30% when compared to other Swim Schools. We feel rewarding swimmers with their achievements should be done properly, without the high expense of doing so. However, the cost of our Awards will be increasing to the following:

  • Certificate and Badges - £4.50
  • Certificate and Medal - £8.50

We want to ensure swimmers can continue to collect and be rewarded with their badges but stay in line with inflation and the cost bared on SafelySwim.

To learn more about our Awards at SafelySwim and Which Awards can be purchased depending on your swimmer’s current stage, using the links above.

Thank You

We want to take this time to thank every family that has helped and supported us through some difficult times over the years. We want to continue to offer the best way to learn to swim and support our tutors and team members through this tough time too.