India Ribbans

Lead Teacher | Health & Safety Officer

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India Ribbans

I got into swimming as my family felt it was a vital life skill. Even before I started school I went swimming once or twice a week with my dad. As I got older I enjoyed the challenge of trying to swim further than my brother and then eventually my parents realised that I loved swimming. Everything about being in the water was fun and relaxing for me.

What do you enjoy about teaching swimming?

My favourite thing about teaching swimming is seeing people achieve things which they didn't think they would. Whether this is a beginner jumping in for the first time or a competitive swimmer achieving a new personal best.

What was your best swimming achievement?

When I was 15 I was one of six members in a junior channel relay team. This involved swimming from Shakespeare beach in Dover to Calais beach. We each swam an hour each until we got there. This is something which I have always been proud of and would one day like to do a solo crossing.

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