10 Jun 2021

Private Lesson Cancellation Policy Change

This is important if you are currently in Private Lessons and are booked in with a tutor regularly.

Cancellation Within 24 hours

Due to the increase in demand, as well as the increase in last minute cancellations. Families who give less than 24-hour cancellation notice will receive a charge of £12.50 on their account. This will be payable next time they attend or will be removed from the remaining balance of their account.

No Show

If you do not attend or give notice before the scheduled lesson, the cost will be removed from your account. Either the lesson to be removed, or the price of a lesson to be added as a debt. This will be payable next time you attend.

Start Date

This will be effective from the 01/07/2021.

No Longer Continuing?

If you no longer want to continue due to this announcement, please make sure you have told your swimming instructor and discuss an end date to your regular lesson time.

We really want to be able to remain open and continue to be able to help individuals learn to swim with us. We hope all our customers understand these changes and continue to help and support us.