19 Sep 2020

STT Pricing Update

We are excited to announce that we are introducing a new pricing option for our Speed Through Technique sessions. We want to bring the costs down for those that attend these sessions regularly! This will be running alongside our regular pricing, with individual sessions still available for purchase at £7.50 per session, provided there is space available in the chosen lesson.

Starting from October, we have added the option to pay for a whole month’s Speed Through Technique sessions up front. Guaranteeing a space for that month, and reducing the cost per session. This block booking is available for both our Monday evening, Sunday evening, or both sessions! Booking for October’s sessions are available on our booking site using the link below. Each month’s total will be calculated at £5.00 a session, therefore saving over £10.00 per month.

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The Speed Through technique sessions will continue focusing on turns and individual stroke techniques, and will begin to gradually increase difficulty and distance as the swimmers are rapidly improving and gaining stamina!

If you have any issues with the payment, or have any other queries about these sessions please contact Lee Shepherd.

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