07 Apr 2021

We are Reopening!

Thank you for being so patient with us since December, our priority is to welcome everyone back as safely as possible.

19th April 2021

We are aiming to reopen on Monday 19th April, welcoming back those that were booked in before the third lockdown.

Group Lessons

Those in our Group Lessons will return to the class they were in before December 2020. Those waiting to return since March 2020, we will be in touch when something is available for you. This includes those in our Stage 1 & Seahorse class.

Wednesday 21st & Friday 23rd April

Those booked in a Group Lesson that starts at/before 17:00 on a Wednesday or Friday will return the following week starting the 26th April. Balances will be moved over to resume from the new start date.

Private Lessons

Your Swimming Instructor will be in touch before the 19th April to discuss your plans to return. Please work with your tutor to book in a lesson as per usual.


These sessions will be reopening at the same times as December. Those in LTC on a Saturday Morning, Lee will be in touch to sort the new arrangements.

Balance and Credits

All balances from December have been retained and will continue from the 19th April, unless stated above. We have added a top-up feature through appDot to help families see their remaining Private Lessons, Group Lesson dates and class times. Please Create an Account.

Parking Permits

Please make sure your Parking Permit is ready, if you haven’t got one for DOYRMS please make sure you complete the form here.

Covid-19 Procedures

Please make sure you have read and understood the procedure when attending a swimming lesson with us. We want to do our bit to remain open and help as many families as we can.


See You Soon!

We are excited to be returning and we look forward to welcoming you back very soon.