25 May 2024

Drowning Prevention Week

15th - 22nd of June 2024

We teach water safety skills in our lessons as it is important that every child has the opportunity to learn how to stay safe whilst developing their swimming.

We incorporate this into our lessons in a fun and educational way to support learners what to do in certain situations. This could be anything from; falling in by accident, knowing how to float on your back, or being able to swim without goggles.

How Do We Stay Safe?

Here are some top tips on how to stay safe in the water.

  • Don’t swim alone, ensure an adult is with you
  • In an emergency alert an adult or call 999
  • If you spot someone who is drowning, do not go and rescue them, instead throw an object that the swimmer can grab onto to stay afloat
  • Never jump into water where you cannot see the bottom
  • Float on your back if you accidentally fall into the water

What Kids Learn In Our Lessons

At SafelySwim, we teach kids water safety to prepare them for scenarios that could happen whilst swimming ensuring they don’t panic.

These are the things we incorporate into our lessons:

  • To swim without goggles and fully clothed in case they accidentally fall in
  • Treading water whilst waving to gain an adults attention in an emergency
  • Floating on their backs if they are tired
  • Throwing in floats to help their friends to stay afloat in an urgent situation

Water Safety Awards

To help swimmers learn and be awarded for showing great water safety, we have our own awards that can be collected throughour our Learn to Swim Pathway. For more details about these awards and which ones you could be working towards, please see our Water Safety Pathway.

More Information

For more information about water safety press the following link RLSS Drowning Prevention Week.