Esther Black

Receptionist | Human Relations

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Esther Black

SafelySwim has allowed me to get back into work after a nasty spinal injury which I sustained while horse riding. They welcomed me with open arms and have helped me to grow my confidence back in a working environment, I couldn’t wish to work with a more supportive group of people, and I’d like to stay with them and take on more as the business grows.

What attracted me to this role?

I was looking for a part time job close to home, and after being turned down time and time again I finally got my interview with SafelySwim. I loved how passionate they were about their work, and how much fun and enthusiasm they put into each and every lesson. You can clearly see they love their students and their students love them back. I knew from day one it was a team I wanted to be on.

What are my hobbies outside of work?

I'm a massive animal lover. I have 3 dogs, 4 cats and I’m lucky enough to own my own horse. But when I’m not knee deep in fur I do love going to the salon and getting my hair and nails done, the only trouble is deciding what colours to have.