31 Oct 2020

Closed from Thursday 5th November

Unfortunately, due to the announcement on the 31st October we will be closed from Thursday 5th November until December. We understand the circumstances and want to do our part to keep the rate of infection down. Our priority is the safety of our team and customers. We will continue to follow the guidance from Swim England and the Government about indoor leisure facilities, which means going into another lockdown and closing our doors until December.

Here at SafelySwim we are proud to have followed the Government guidelines and have done our best to keep our community safe. We haven’t had a single confirmed COVID case since we reopened on 1st August 2020. We did all we could to keep people safe during our sessions; by keeping people socially distant and continually cleaning and sterilising all touchable surfaces throughout our working hours. When we return we will continue to keep our standards high to prove the swimming industry is safe and a controlled place to be.

We also want to thank all the families that have supported us since August and those before March, we wouldn’t be where we are without you and we look forward to welcoming you back again after the second lock down.

We will continue to remain open until Thursday 5th November. We are looking at adding a few other sessions for our Competitive swimmers before the national lockdown.

Those in Group Lessons will not lose any remaining sessions on their accounts. This also goes for those that have remaining Private Lessons, STT and LTC sessions.

Those in our Baby & Toddler sessions, your booking will remain for December and will follow on into Term 3 (Jan - Feb 2021).

We will keep you all updated as soon as we get more information.

Stay safe.