09 Oct 2019

Our Plan to Help Those in our School Sessions

Since February 2019 we have been supporting the local primary schools and helping their students improve and develop their swimming ability. We have been able to increase our school sessions throughout the week, furthering our support available for those who want to learn to swim. Our aim is to help those that do not yet take swimming lessons to become more confident in the water and to start getting the building blocks for learning to swim.

The National Curriculum states that by year 6, those in full time education must be able to…

  • Swim confidently and manage at least 25 metres
  • Safely perform a self-rescue in different water-based scenarios
  • Complete a range of strokes effectively, this can be, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke

To help support our School Swimming Sessions we have created an assessment structure to help support those in our school sessions to achieve and surpass the National Curriculum criteria. It is most important to us that those in our swimming lessons should; be confident in the water, know how to stay safe, and to have fun!

We have found that the best year to start swimming in our School Sessions are Reception years, when the children are between 3 and 4 years old. This age is perfect to expose them to water and pupils are quick to engage in lessons and enjoy learning with their peers. We find that pupils who experience swimming at a younger age turn out more confident than those who start later on in childhood.

Over the next few terms and going into 2020, we are looking at helping the local schools by continuing to offer a high quality service at a competitive rate. Our sessions are delivered by experienced swimming coaches who make our lessons fun, safe, and educational. Delivering our experianced competitive swimmer tutors, full school support away from the pool and offering the best equiptment we hope will contuinue to put us at the top of the list for School Swimming Sessions.

We are very excited to continue our Learn to Swim School Sessions and would be more than happy to discuss arrangements with any parent or school tutor. Or if you would like to find out more about what we do at SafelySwim, have a watch of Evan’s most recient video blog on School Swimming Sessions.

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