25 Apr 2022

Is Swimwear Colour Important?

At SafelySwim we see children arriving in all sorts of swimming shorts and costumes. Usually, as a teacher this is not something I ever pay particular attention to. However, I do usually jokingly ask if their costume or shorts come in my size!

Got Me Thinking

Last year (2021) I read an article which originated in Australia that had been circling on social media and news websites. The image is of what appears to be an empty pool, but then on closer inspection a child can be faintly made out swimming at the bottom of the pool. I found it scary to see how easy it is for someone to be missed. I have always been aware of issues around glare and reflection or choppy water all of which are issues which parents have no control over.

CPR Kids Image CPR Kids Image

My Experience

I have been a lifeguard at a pool and at the beach for a fair few years, the colour of swimwear never even occurred to me as something which can be used to aid visibility.

After reading this article though I did think of the large number of neon or fluorescent swim shorts I would see in the shops ready for summer holidays. Maybe these weren’t just a fashion statement? I don’t however remember seeing these bright colours for young girls swimwear. After a quick google I did find a good range of nice bright costumes for girls too which reassured me.

What Should I Do?

Next time you are in the market for some new swimwear have a think back to this image and help your child stand out. Think the same as what you would do for a night walk. SafelySwim is ready to become the brightest swimming pool around!

Top Three Pointers

Here are my top three additional points for safety when swimming with or without your family.

  • Never Swim Alone
  • Even strong swimmers can get into trouble- ensure there is a lifeguard or responsible adult not swimming incase somebody needs help
  • Don’t try and help someone else in trouble by getting in the water or swimming over to them. Shout for help and throw them a float if possible

We look forward to seeing some swimwear brighter than smiles when in the water. The brighter the better!

Credit: CPR Kids - Facebook.