22 Feb 2022

Baby and Toddler Classes? Yes Please!

Our baby and toddler sessions are the perfect introduction to the water for our youngest swimmers. These thirty-minute classes are booked online on a termly basis.

Our B&T sessions are a mixture of games, songs, toys, splashing and more conventional swimming. Children will be introduced to the swimming techniques and aids that they will develop further in our Learn to Swim Pathway once they turn three.

It is not just the young ones that learn, we also teach and support the adults who attend the classes with their young one. Adults will learn how to correctly hold in different positions and travel with the child through games and activities. This enables the young swimmer to learn in correct positions and make parents more confident to take their children swimming outside of sessions.

Our aim is to support both child and adult to become happy and confident in the water as this should be an enjoyable lifesaving skill.

When are they?

There are plenty of options when it comes to bookings, we have classes throughout the week and also on weekends! These sessions often change times and days each term.

We are restricted by the school (Duke of York’s Royal Military School) with what times we can offer which is why these bookings are made termly to work around the schools’ sports programme. Hopefully there is a session that comes available for everyone that wish’s to join and one day we will have our own pool to run these sessions whenever we want!

Why Baby and Toddler?

Babies gain so much from swimming from an early age. Not only will they have an early confidence in the water and be happy with splashing – which will make bath time a lot easier - there are numerous physical, social, and mental benefits to baby swimming.

These include;

  • improved balance and coordination
  • improved heart and lung strength
  • stronger muscles and bones
  • improved social skills by interacting with babies of all ages in the group as well as the class teacher
  • improved appetite and improved sleep.

There are also a lot of benefits to new parents. These include;

  • They are a great opportunity to meet parents of children the same age as yours.
  • There is plenty of opportunity before and after the session, to have a chat and socialise with other families and parents.
  • Having a new-born can be quite an isolating experience for some people so these sessions are a great weekly catch up and socialise with people who know what you are going through.

Who can get involved?

We run sessions from birth to three years old. Our classes are divided into two groups, often 0-18 months and 18-36 months. Once children turn three, they would join a Seahorse’s class which means parents no longer need to get in the pool.

The NHS now say that children don’t need to wait until they have been vaccinated to start swimming. However, we do recommend having a chat with your health visitor or midwife first just to make sure they are happy for you to get started.

You can find out more information on swimming and vaccinations here : NHS Website.

Can we Swap Adults?

We understand child care can be a nightmare, it doesn’t need to be the same adult that comes along every week. All we ask is for someone who is happy to get splashed and your child is relaxed with. We also allow spectators, so mums and Dads are welcome to watch while a grandparent does the swimming!

Ready to get started?

You can book into our current baby and toddler sessions here:


If there aren’t any sessions available for your little one’s age or the times aren’t convenient for you then sign up here and we will send you details of how to book onto next term when it is available.

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