16 Feb 2022

What is Learn to Compete?

Our Learn to Compete sessions are for those wanting to progress in the competitive swimming environment. We take the foundations of swimming built up in our Learn to Swim (Stages 1-5) and finesse on them to make each swimmer faster in the water and improve their technique.

All swimmers will develop their knowledge of all four strokes. We also introduce them to tumble turns, dives and backstroke starts, as well as learning how to take part in competitions.

We work the whole pool on similar things throughout the session, with new joiners learning the techniques, while our more experienced swimmers learn how to refine them.

What Are Our Goals?

We are aiming to develop and grow each swimmer’s abilities in the water, and provide them with a good foundation of swimming knowledge and the ability to perform their best at competitions.

We believe that swimming should be a fun activity, so it’s important that our swimmers enjoy our sessions and want to try their best.

This session is titled ‘Learn to Compete’ and is about our swimmers learning the fundamentals of competitive swimming. There are different lanes to suit different abilities in our sessions.

What Should I Expect From Each Session?

Each session will begin with a 5-15 minute warm up, depending on the intensity of our main set. Typically our warm-up consists of front crawl, backstroke and some kick practice.

Most of our sessions are technique based, in order to refine the strokes. We often include fun challenges to help swimmers learn to push themselves and find out their capabilities in a safe environment.

The session is an hour long in total, and we generally swim 50 metres at a time, working through progressive drills.

For the last 5-15 minutes we either work on starts, turns, or something fun!

How Do I Join?

Swimmers will be able to start Learn to Compete when they are in the top-end of Stage 5, this can be for both Group and Private Lessons. You will be invited by a SafelySwim instructor via email.

If you are not currently with us, but have lessons elsewhere, we can arrange a one-off Private Lesson to assess the swimmer before starting.

When you are invited we have a free trial to make sure the swimmer is happy!

Further Details

If you would like to discover more about Learn to Compete, please see the link below.

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