09 Aug 2021

Crash Courses? What Are They?

We will be operating Crash Courses throughout selected half-terms and school holidays. These lessons are perfect for everyone who is currently swimming with us and wants to boost their progress. Our crash courses are also open to those who are not yet swimming with us and want to give us a try.

Who Can Attend?

We run lessons for all Stages, including Seahorses which is for those not yet at school, all the way up to our stage 4 and 5. We won’t need a parent in the water for any of our group lessons. Teachers will be wearing face shields and will use hands on support as well as floatation aids to provide support to the newer swimmers. You are welcome to book a Crash Course space whether you are currently booked in with us or not.

What Will We Get Out Of These Lessons?

We expect everyone to see an improvement in their swimming from these four days however we can’t guarantee that your child will complete a stage in this week. Stage 1 classes often take months to complete so while these four lessons may be enough for some children to complete Stage 1 this won’t be the case for everyone.

If you are attending one of our higher stages for the week, we may have availability for permanent group lessons as we don’t currently have waiting lists for stage 2 classes and higher. If you would like to get booked in, please get in touch and we can find a suitable class.

What Stage Should I Book?

Before booking into our Crash Course please have a read of our stage criteria. We run very differently to many local swim schools and expect more from each stage.

If your child is currently having lessons elsewhere, we would recommend booking them into one stage below their current class. This normally means they end up in about the right class. So, if they swim in a stage 3 (yellow hat) please book them into our stage 2 class.

All our Stage 2 and higher classes will take place in deep water so children must be able to swim ten metres on their front and back consistently.

If they need to be able to touch the floor, please book our stage 1+ class.

If you need any advice on which stage to book into, please get in touch and someone would be more than happy to help.

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How Do I Book?

All bookings for our Crash Course are made online. To book your space, please use the link below.

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We look forward to you joining us for a week of swimming soon!