22 Jul 2021

Elizabeth's Charity Swim

We are super proud to be helping Elizabeth work towards her goal of swimming 15,000 metres over July. Elizabeth has been calculating all the lengths and metres she has swum during our Private Lessons, Speed Through Technique and Stage 5 classes throughout the week. It’s incredible to see such a young swimmer dedicating her time to local Charities.

The section below is from Elizabeth’s Just Giving page.

My name is Elizabeth Strong and I am going to be swimming 15,000m over the course of July for Martha Trust.

I am 10 years old and have always loved swimming as I find it relaxing, calming as well as making me strong and fit, physically and mentally. So I appreciate and understand the importance of being able to access water for leisure and fitness, just like the residents at Martha Trust. Those that live there need to be able to benefit from using their hydropool for freedom of movement and being able to physically move. Your sponsorship will help them to be able continue to use and develop this important facility.

Martha Trust is a small local charity, ensuring their residents have a fulfilling life, which with lockdown, is needing funds more than ever. I go past the Martha Trust home on way to and from school everyday and found out more about the charity whilst joining in the Comedy Bingo during lockdown. I decided then that I would support them with a sponsored swim once lockdown had ended.

Please support me in my challenge in raising funds for Martha Trust. Thank you for taking the time to read this and donating whatever you can.

We would love to see our customers and community help support this great cause.


Thank you for all the support as always!