06 Jul 2021

We Will Remain Covid Secure

It has been a tough year and we are really grateful for all the support we have received from the families and customers who have returned to our sessions. We have been really impressed with the take up of wearing face-coverings and social distancing in and around the facility, especially with the heat on poolside over the past few months.

We welcome the update from the Government with their relaxation of the remaining restrictions from the 19th July, however we will continue to separate those in classes, wear face coverings and shields in and around the water for our tutors and continue to self test for Covid-19 twice a week.

We will also be recommending parents to continue to wear face coverings within the facility and follow the social distancing we currently have in place. There are a few reasons for this.

  • Our tutors are not fully vaccinated and majority have only recently had their first jab.
  • We want to ensure other families feel safe with us and continue to respect the way we want to trade and offer our services.
  • We are happy with the arrangements we currently have in place, following the restrictions from April - June 2021.
  • We want to help children learn to swim by having regular lessons, not at home in isolation.

For more details about what we have in place during our sessions, please read our ‘Covid Requirements for Attendees’.

Professor Whitty said on the 5th July 2021, he would wear a face covering in any of the following 3 cases:

  • In any situation that was indoors and crowded, or indoors with close proximity to other people.
  • If required to wear a mask by any competent authority.
  • If someone else is uncomfortable with him not wearing a mask. Common courtesy would then mean putting on a face covering.

We hope everyone understands our preferred guidance and we look forward to continuing to help support the community learn to swim in a safe, friendly environment.