06 May 2021

Covid-19 Killed in 30 Seconds When Exposed to Chlorinated Water

Back in April, our Governing body Swim England reported about the research virologists at Imperial College London were undertaking.

They found that the risk of transmission of Covid-19 in swimming pools is ‘incredibly low’. The work completed has not been published and is currently being peer-reviewed. However, the research is great news for pool operators and swim schools knowing that using chlorinated water on benches, floors and equipment will reduce the inductivity of the virus.

They tested 1.5mg per litre of free chlorine with a pH of 7 - 7.2. The findings found Covid-19 was reduced by 1000 fold within 30 seconds.

Professor Wendy Barclay, Imperial College, said:

“We performed these experiments at our high containment laboratories in London.

“By mixing the virus with swimming pool water that was delivered to us by the water babies team, we could show that the virus does not survive in swimming pool water: it was no longer infectious.

“The chance of contracting Covid-19 from swimming pool water is negligible.

We are glad some research has now been taken and welcome the great news!

To read the full post from Swim England, please see the link here.